It is a holistic complementary therapy that uses pressure applied to the feet or hands, on points known as reflexes. It can be very effective in encouraging the body to regain natural balance. Reflexology treats the person rather than the symptoms and is not used to diagnose or cure medical conditions.

How it works

What can I expect from a treatment ?

To begin with, I will go through a health consultation form with you, this will be about your medical history and some lifestyle questions. This is then followed by a treatment for approximately 50 minutes, where I will apply pressure using my hands to the relevant reflexes on the feet or hands.
After the treatment I will discuss with you any findings around the reflexes and make a plan for future sessions.
Reflexology has a cumulative effect and the benefits are increased, the more treatments that you have. 

How will I feel after a treatment ?

Following the treatment most clients experience deep relaxation and an improved sense of well being. Occasionally clients report feeling tired or light-headed after the first treatment. This is part of the body’s healing response and will usually pass between 24-48 hours. Reflexology works on an individual basis, no two clients are the same. All responses to reflexology vary, why not come and give it a try?

Benefits of Reflexology may include

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