What Is Ionithermie?

Ionithermie is considered to be the leading treatment for combating cellulite.

Created in 1979 by Olivier Fouche, Ionithermie detoxifies the body at a cellular level, which results in healthier, smoother, more toned-looking skin. The treatment works by using algae, combined with conductive thermal clay and electrical stimuli. Algae contain mineral extracts and essential oils that are naturally detoxifying when applied to the human body. The combination of the heated clay with the electric stimuli push the detoxifying elements contained in the algae deep into the participant’s layers of skin and stimulate their lymphatic circulation (our natural cellular waste disposal system), which can result in a temporary reduction of cellulite and muscle bloat.


The treatment works by using specialised products, detoxifying and conductive clay with two kinds of stimuli designed to stimulate the muscles, propel the specialised products and break down fatty deposits which aids cellulite. It can also help spot reduction and encourage metabolism to increase the benefits of future exercise.

Results leave dewy, toned and smoothed skin you can lose between 1 to 8 inches in a treatment, which can last for days. More intensive longer lasting results can be achieved with a course of treatments and attention paid on exercise, dietary habits and recommended homecare .


Hip and Thigh Sculpture
The Hip and Thigh Sculpture is our most popular treatment and targets an incredibly notorious area for cellulite. Your skinny jeans will feel looser with instant results for slimmer hips and smoother, sleeker thighs.




Cheek Lift
The Cheek Lift is ideal if you want a perter derrière and tighter tummy. Designed to trim, lift and tone the bottom, this treatment is a firm favourite among the celebs.




Tummy Trim
This intensive treatment targets soft fat and loss of tone around the tummy making it tighter, more sculpted and flatter. An hour-glass figure can be yours once again!




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